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In Motion Gymnastics Handbook

 Welcome to In Motion Gymnastics! This program is meant for children who are looking for a fun, positive learning environment in a safe, supportive, atmosphere while focusing on developing their gymnastics skills on all four Olympic apparatus’. This Handbook is designed to give our families insight on what to expect, guidelines and general procedures in the gym.

Attire-Leotards are required for every practice for girls. Boys must wear form fitted shirts or tank tops and gym shorts. Hair must be pulled back, no loose dangly jewelry, no gum, no socks.


What to expect on your child’s first day of class

Check in-Before every practice you need to ensure that your child has been checked in. You will need to go to the front desk to have your student marked down for attendance. This will assist us in keeping track of who is in our building and to ensure that your student doesn’t have an absent status for the night on their account. We also follow this protocol for inclement weather, fires and evacuation purposes.

*Once your child has been checked in their coach will call the class over to line up. They will take your student to the gym floor to warm up and begin class.

*In gymnastics, there is a lot of teaching involved. There will be times when students are watching an example of a skill and listening to the coach describe a skill; this can be perceived as “doing nothing” but it is crucial in this sport for our coaches and gymnasts to learn the safe way to try a skill so listening, watching and doing is all part of the process. They will also be waiting in line depending on the apparatus. We work hard at In Motion to avoid a lot of standing and waiting but want to communicate to parents that it too is part of the process.

*At the end of the class your students will say “1,2,3, gymnastics!” with all hands in. This is our tradition at In Motion and it also signifies class has concluded. Gymnasts will walk up to you following our cheer.


Etiquette in the Gym

Parent observation/sitting area– while in the observation area please be very aware of the noise level. We ask that there is minimal talking and that you keep your voices low as our facility is large and very open and your conversations travel and create a lot of noise. It is hard for the students to hear and the coaches to communicate to your students when the parents are talking in the sitting area. We also ask that your little ones are not climbing on our walls and furniture. If they are being disruptive one of our staff members will ask that you exit the facility and return when your gymnast is done with class. We expect your child to be picked up promptly after class. If you are late to pick them up and it is after our business hours your account will be charged $1.00 for each additional minute you’re late.

Due to limited seating in the parent observation area you are not required to stay for the duration of your child’s class. This is why we have our check-in policy. Once you have checked them in you are free to leave.







 Tuition- Payments are due by the 1stof the month. You have up until the 5thof the month to take care of payment. Tuition is considered by determining the cost of the program for each year. Payments can be made online with a credit/debit card or in the gym with cash, check, credit or debit card.


Attendance/Make ups- Gymnastics is a skill built on consistency and muscle memory; if your student begins to miss excessive amounts of practice you will receive a letter that will require a response to let us know if your gymnast would like to continue classes or if they would like to drop. You are allowed a maximum of 5 make up classes per year. Anything after will accrue a $10.00 charge per additional make up.

Doctors note– If your gymnast is injured inside or outside of the gym at school, home etc. it is required that you bring in a doctor’s note showing clearance to return to regular activities.


Late fees- Payments made after the 5thof the month will result in a $10.00 late fee. Returned checks incur a $30.00 fee with no exceptions.


Refund policy- In Motion Gymnastics does not offer refunds for any reason nor will we pro-rate for missed classes. Tuition will not be prorated on the number of classes in a month for holidays, weather or gym closings.


Discounts- As a family owned and operated business we understand and relate with the financial commitment that is required to participate in programs such as gymnastics. For that reason, we offer the following discounts for multiple students enrolled at In Motion Gymnastics.

-1ststudent full tuition

-2nd, 3rd, 4th student $5.00 off

*For each additional class your student registers for they will receive an additional $5.00 off.

*You may receive 10% off tuition if you pay for the whole season by October 1st.


Private Lessons- are individual lessons between a coach and a gymnast. Private lessons may be 45 or 60 minutes in length and may be scheduled based on coach availability.


Booking procedure for Private lessons– Fill out private lesson form available at the front desk. We will contact you to place you with a coach and schedule your lesson. Under NO circumstance are you to contact a coach outside the gym. Private lessons are first come first serve with payment holding your spot. Discussing a day and time does not officially book your lesson. Do not expect your coach to be there if you have not taken care of payment. Private lessons are cash or check only and must be paid in full at the time they’re scheduled. If you do not show up for your scheduled lesson or cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you forfeit your payment and your lesson will not be rescheduled.




Membership Benefits

As a member at In Motion Gymnastics you receive a $20.00 discount on gymnastics or bounce house birthday parties. 10% off our apparel, five open gym passes, discounts on parent day/night out and a discount on open gyms.


Skill Charts

Each gymnast has an online skill chart listing their skill requirements for them to master before moving up to the next level/class. They can be found in our online program The Studio Director by vising our website: and logging into your account. If you have forgotten your log-in and password simply email one of our staff members listed in our directory and we will reset it for you. We will conduct our testing twice during the season to ensure your gymnast is in the proper class. One will be held in November and the other in April. During this time, your student will be asked to do a series of skills related to the class and will be scored a 1- learning, 2-improving, 3- mastered. There are times that a coach will approach you to let you know that your gymnast is ready to move up before the skill testing and they will guide you on how to go about moving them to the next level class.

Performance Night

In Motion’s performance night is a way to showcase your gymnast’s skills on all the Olympic apparatus’.

Performances will be held in May during the last week of classes. Times will be announced at the beginning of May. There is a $10.00 non-refundable performance fee due the first week of April.  Each family will receive 5 tickets to the performance; additional tickets will be available to purchase for $5.00 each.

If your account balance is not current your child will not be able to participate in the performances.


Parking lot and Inclement Weather

If in the event there is a snowstorm we ask that you do not park in our parking lot. Our parking lot gets very icy and it is a risk for you the driver and your students walking on the lot. If there are orange cones it is a no parking day until our snow removal company treats the lot.

We follow the Council Bluffs cancellation policy.  If school is cancelled gymnastics classes will be cancelled as well.


Open Gym

When you attend an Open Gym, you will be asked to fill out an online waiver; this is where your membership can be utilized. Parents and guardians do not have to pay to enter. We have bounce houses up and the children are allowed to play freely on the equipment. During open gym we ask that you stay with your child. Though we have staff on sight it is the parents responsibility to stay with their child/children. Children that are not abiding by the safety rules will be removed from the gym floor and asked to leave. We take safety very seriously at In Motion and want to ensure everyone is being safe and responsible. Anyone who brings a birthday party to our open gym will be charged our birthday party pricing.









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Competition Team Coordinator